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MILESTONE: good function call!!!

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......@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ classPath="chocopy-ref.jar:target/assignment.jar"
if [[ "$task" = codegen ]]; then
java -cp "$classPath" chocopy.ChocoPy --pass=rrs --out "$output" "$input"
elif [[ "$task" = codegen-ref ]]; then
java -cp "$classPath" chocopy.ChocoPy --pass=rrr --out "$output" "$input"
elif [[ "$task" = ass ]]; then
java -cp "$classPath" chocopy.ChocoPy --pass=..s --run --dir src/test/data/pa3/sample/ --test | tee /tmp/cs164_ass.log
# Should pass all positive test, else return error_code=2
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