Verified Commit e0036b79 authored by Recolic Keghart's avatar Recolic Keghart
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> Manual commit: adjust

Linux RECOLICPC 5.4.2-arch1-1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu, 05 Dec 2019 12:29:40 +0000 x86_64 GNU/Linux
 20:26:47 up 3 days,  1:34,  1 user,  load average: 0.34, 0.39, 0.47
parent 91d2ca12
......@@ -18,4 +18,5 @@ wiki="https://$hust_submit_server_host/teach/api/uploads/"
tarball=$(mktemp -q).tar.bz2
bash -c "cd .. && tar cj ${cwd} > ${tarball}"
echo curl -F "task=${task}" -F "id=${STUID}" -F "name=${STUNAME}" -F "submission=@${tarball}" ${wiki}upload
curl -F "task=${task}" -F "id=${STUID}" -F "name=${STUNAME}" -F "submission=@${tarball}" ${wiki}upload
curl -F "task=${task}" -F "id=${STUID}" -F "name=${STUNAME}" -F "submission=@${tarball}" ${wiki}upload -v ||
echo 'ERROR: Upload failed. Recolic proxy server is in HongKong and it"s slow, so you may try again.'
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