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return statement works

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......@@ -352,8 +352,9 @@ public class CodeGenImpl extends CodeGenBase {
backend.emitMV(A0, ZERO, "Returning None implicitly");
betterBackend.emitFunctionEnd(funcInfo.getFuncName(), stmtAnalyzer.regMgr, "BEGIN FUNCTION");
// the following instructions are ignored.
// backend.emitMV(A0, ZERO, "Returning None implicitly");
backend.emitLocalLabel(stmtAnalyzer.epilogue, "Epilogue");
// FIXME: {... reset fp etc. ...}
......@@ -424,8 +425,12 @@ public class CodeGenImpl extends CodeGenBase {
// this is wrong, and you'll have to fix it.
// This is here just to demonstrate how to emit a
// RISC-V instruction.
backend.emitMV(ZERO, ZERO, "No-op");
return null;
RiscVBackend.Register returnValReg = node.value.dispatch(this);
if(returnValReg == null)
return null;
backend.emitMV(A0, returnValReg, "put return value!");
return null; // Statement always return null.
// FIXME: More, of course.
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