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# Unified data policy
## Replication policies
- Level 4: at least 4 copies, in 3 location, 2 countries, 2 continents.
- Level 3: at least 3 copies, in 2 location, 2 countries.
- Level 2: at least 2 copies.
- Level 1: at least 1 copies.
## Confidential Policies
> `sensitive` means I don't want to leak it, `important` means I don't want to lost it.
- type D: non-sensitive important data, such as environent setup script, software installation packs, saved movies, ...
- type I: public personal data, or non-important public data.
- type N2: sensitive important personal data, such as photos, development, game save...
- type N1: sensitive non-important personal data, such as system logs, chat logs, screenshots, web history, development environment, ...
- type M: secret keys/seeds/passwords, server userdata...
- type MX: GPG masterkey itself.
> **super key doesn't not apply any data policy, and FORBIDDEN to save on ANY medium.**
|M|Always 2-factor, by GPG master key or super key|First-party|Level 4|extraDisk/.backup/typeM|
|MX|Always, by cold key and super key|First-party|Level 4|extraDisk/.backup/typeM|
|N2|Always|First-party or Third-party|Level 2|~/extraDisk/.backup|
|N1|Always|First-party or Third-party|Level 1|normal encrypted devices|
|D|Optional|First-party or Third-party|Level 2|nfs/rpc\_downloads|
|I|Optional|First-party or Third-party|Level 1|normal devices|
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